Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 12th Quilt Celebrations (11-12-13 !!)

I do love a good date!  And yesterday's was a fun one.

!! 11-12-13 !!

Last night we had a couple of fun celebrations!

First, Marylu shared her selvege quilt.
She used a Barn-Raising pattern.
Isn't it just wonderful?!
It's so much fun to just look at it and
take in all the fabrics represented in the blocks.
Beautiful, Marylu!

Then Ruth DeBoer shared her hexi table topper
which she made for her mother-in-law.
She used the leftover fabrics from her Jacob's Quilt,
backing and all!
The colors and presentation are so beautiful.
Great work, Ruth!

And then, after a mass exodus from the library,
we had a lineup waiting for the train!

Happy Quilting!!

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