Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4th Quilt Celebrations!

And the prolific production of our group continues on!  Another wonderful night of sharing quilts!

Connie brought Naya's (sp?) 10-year quilt to share tonight.  It is from the "Whirl-A-Jig" pattern from Connecting Threads (there's a picture of it below). Connie said she asked her granddaughter a couple of times what her favorite colors were, and this quilt is representative of her consistent answer!  The white frame border is quilted with variegated thread.  It looks really cool!
Isn't it just so cheerful?

Beautiful work, as always, Connie!

* * * * * * *

Maggie brought her Red, Black and White quilt.  She told us that she designed the blocks based on a doodle that Jessie had done.  She used the computer to lay out the pattern, printed it out and made her pattern pieces from the prints.  The quilting is done in her own knot patterns designed specifically for each area in the quilt.  The back has a mirror image block in the center, which she quilted so it is exactly the same on the front and the back.  When asked what its name is, she said she hadn't named it.  Someone then dubbed it "Maggie's Marvel."

Beautiful, beautiful work, Maggie!

* * * * * * *

Annie brought her "Everlasting" quilt tonight.  There were several ladies who purchased this same pattern.  This is Annie's rendition of it.  The borders are wonderful, and the center medallion is so beautifully set off by the crosshatching.  I just love sitting and looking at it.  Her label contains reminders of what truly is everlasting....God's love for us and the life He gives us.

Lovely work, Annie!

* * * * * * *

And the countdown to the quilt show continues! 24 days left!!

Happy Quilting!!

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  1. They're all just beautiful! Maggie's is awesome and all from a doodle!!