Tuesday, April 21, 2015

March 31st Quilt Celebrations!

Jeannie Austin came to visit
and brought with her a couple of her recent finishes.
What a treat to have her with us and get to see her amazing work!

She brought a couple of smaller projects for youngsters.  They're cute!

She brought her Baltimore, which is her version of a larger one with which she helped a friend awhile back.  I wish I would have recorded what she said about it so we could have it here, but I didn't. There is a lot of history surrounding the origins of the quilt that inspired this one.

As always, her work is impeccable.

This one is called "United We Stand" and is made of blocks that were leftover from both Mary Ann and me and our Civil War Sampler quilts, as well as blocks Jeannie and Mary Ann made together.  Then her signature eagles are scattered throughout the piece, crowned by the one at the top.  There are written pieces, too, which commemorate different wars.  

Amazing, Jeannie.
Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Happy Quilting!

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