Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 27th Quilt Celebrations!

I think we are a pretty prolific group!  Three celebrations on Tuesday night, and a bonus in getting to see Barb's beading friend Sharon's beautiful beading "tapestries."

And we also talked quite a bit about the Quilt Show.  It's shaping up to be pretty spectacular, in my opinion.

Okay, so here are the celebrations and the beading...............

I made this quilt from a Ghanian textile
given to me several years ago by Julie Voetberg.
It is for my daughter-in-law's brother and his wife for a wedding gift.
They have both spent time in Africa, he in Mozambique for quite a few years.
It seemed the best home for this piece.
I hardly feel as if I've made a quilt!
I bordered the textile and then Barb took it from there.
Thank you, Barb!  The quilting made the piece.

Here are Sharon and her beautiful beading pieces.........
Thanks, Barb, for inviting her, and Sharon, thanks for coming
and sharing these lovely pieces with us.  It was a treat.

Then Jessie celebrated this darling rainbow baby blanket
which she made for a Care Center client.
It has no batting and is flannel-backed,
so it's perfect for a "dragging around" blanket.
She mitered the corners and added a
"flange" around the 9-patch center.
Very fun, Jessie. Nice work! :-)

And Marla shared her 3 "Littles."
9-patch on-point and Stars on-point
in beautiful Civil War reproduction fabrics,
and then the Susan Branch fabric
"out of your box" piece is just so cute.
Beautifully done, Marla.

Happy Quilting!!

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  1. Cute rainbow baby blanket by Jessie. Very colorful!
    I like the navy 9 patch "little" too. :-)