Saturday, January 25, 2014

At long last.....

Maggie gave Boomer his Settlers of Catan quilt!  So we are now free to post her celebration picture and one of him with his quilt!

The story behind this one is that when Maggie got going on hexagons, she decided to use them to make a copy of a favorite game -- Settler of Catan.  She and her brother, Boomer, have enjoyed playing it for many years.  So, she found fabrics that closely represented the variety of tiles used in the game, sewed them all together, hand quilted it and also quilted into the "water" a ship and a sea monster, just as the games displays.
Boomer was delighted with it and they'll soon be playing the game on the quilt!

This was taken just after he opened it at his birthday party.

Beautiful work, Maggie!


  1. What a great idea! Beautiful work, Maggie!
    I gave Emma that game for Christmas last year. :-)
    Boomer has an awesome 'big sister'.