Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 4th Quilt Celebrations!

We had some treats last night.  And I don't mean the cookies and eclairs!

Jessie brought two of the four quilts she is making for Edna Fund's grandchildren.  When Edna was at our quilt show, she asked Jessie if she would be willing to make them for this Christmas, and Jessie has been steadily working on them.

The first is for the youngest, Jaymin.  He has Downs, and this is a letters and numbers quilt to help him is those areas.  The front was a panel that Jessie cut apart and shadow framed each block.  The back is made of blocks from previous ideas for the quilt.  Barb did a wonderful job of quilting it with hand prints, waves and stars.

The second is for the oldest, Amanda.  Her favorite color is teal and her favorite animal an owl.  Jessie used the "Whirl-a-Jig" pattern idea from Connecting Threads.  Barb did the quilting and did a fantastic job of getting the motion Jessie wanted for the pinwheels.  AND the detail she used for the owl is amazing.  Feathers, a branch and leaves!

Both look wonderful, Jessie!

* * * * * * *

Geralyn brought her basket quilt and, oh my, what a beauty.

She said it is a compilation of 3 patterns and uses some really cool techniques, some challenging and time consuming.  But look at the results!

Absolutely beautiful, Geralyn!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love Jessie's Owl quilt! The quilting is amazing and the owl just awesome! I like the hands on the back of the ABC quilt. :-)
    The baskets are beautiful!
    Amazing work!